@ 2020 British Woodcarvers Association

East Midlands Satellite Group: The Twigs


Contact:  Barbara Beard


Tel: 01234 743062


Email: bar.beard@btinternet.com


Address: Bedford Model Engineering Society, Summerfield Barns, Hammer Hill, Haynes, Bedford MK45 3BH.


Meetings: Fridays during term time, from 1.00 – 3.30 pm.


Where we meet: The Club House is rented from the Engineering Society, who rarely need it on Fridays.  It is spacious, well-lit, heated, with it’s own kitchen area, and ample free parking.  Our equipment is stored in a nearby shed, and members can clear this away in 10 minutes.  Although we have minimal power tools, (sharpener, mouse sander, arbortec, dremel) we are well equipped with carving tools which beginners can use until they choose to buy their own.


Who we are: We are an off-shoot of Rockingham Forest Carvers, hence the name “Twigs” as we are only a small branch.  We join in with Rockingham’s exhibition and made a significant contribution this year.  We are a group of about 9 people of varying degrees of skill, but all keen.  The members are offered teaching support, but are free to do their own thing.  They are friendly and welcome newcomers.  Exchanging ideas over coffee and biscuits is strongly encouraged!


Directions: We are situated on the A600 near Haynes Turn.  Brink Bikes and Secondhand Alley share the site and their signs are easily seen from the road.  Using a SatNav is not recommended as it sends you into a farmer’s field – which he does not like!  If in doubt, make contact and get help that way.