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New Membership Application Form

Full Year Rates

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* Joint Membership is only available to the second (or more) member at an Address and the person will not receive their own copy of the Gazette. At least one person at the Address must be paid up as a Full Member. 

** Student Member must be under 21 and in full time education.

*** Under 16 years old (junior members have full rights, except the right to vote at the AGM.)

Reduced Rates

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The BWA Membership Year runs from 1st June for 12 Months.


For those joining part way through a year reduced rates are payable for the part year until the next 1st June renewal.

Data Protection

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, I hereby consent to the BWA holding the following personal data about me: Membership Number, name, date of birth (junior members only), address, telephone number, email address, date of joining the BWA and the regional group to which I belong, amount paid for current year's Membership Fee, method of payment and date paid. I understand that this data will be used by the BWA only to communicate with me on BWA matters by post, by email and by telephone and to internally analyse membership data. In addition, my name and address will be used by the publisher of the Woodcarvers Gazette to send this publication to me by post. If I wish to have my personal data removed from the BWA membership database, I can request this at any time by writing to the Membership Secretary. I understand that should I cease to be a member of the BWA, all my personal data will be removed from the BWA membership database.

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