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Joining the BWA


What do you get as a member?  

Membership of the BWA is not expensive. Members pay £25 per year, but their home Region then receives a £10 “capitation fee” for each signed up member, so that members in effect pay only £15 per year. For this they get:

  • Very competitive Public Liability Insurance – the BWA as a national organisation is able to purchase public liability insurance cover for its members at a rate that is much more competitive than if individuals or even Regional groups were to arrange their own insurance cover.

  • Four issues of the Woodcarving Gazette every year. This is a very popular, full colour magazine that contains a mix of news about Regional group activities and articles on wider topics, together with features on and interviews with well known and not so well known carvers.

  • The opportunity to belong to a vibrant, local group of like-minded carvers. Regional groups meet regularly and provide an opportunity for learning, exchanging ideas, enjoyable conversation and a time to carve (always difficult to find in our busy lives).

  • Opportunities to exhibit their work at Regional and National Exhibitions and to take part in national competitions.

  • Opportunities to demonstrate woodcarving at local shows and fairs, and to encourage new members to join us, to pass their knowledge and enthusiasm on to others and to meet the general public.

  • The chance to belong to a community of woodcarvers that is also wider than just a Region. This is a key benefit. Yes, Regional members could just meet between themselves, but this would be quite insular and cut-off from the other 1,000 woodcarvers who belong to the BWA. News, ideas and initiatives from other Regions (there are 32 in total), are communicated via the Woodcarvers Gazette and online Forum and can stimulate ideas within your own Region.

  • Access to the full BWA website, but in particular to the Members Only section which provides: member information, such as details of our insurance cover, our risk assessment policy and details of the upcoming AGM and of national competitions; online access to the current and back-issue copies of the Woodcarvers Gazette; detailed how-to guides of woodcarving projects, particularly for beginners; a list of links to useful websites; and the “Chip ‘n’ Chat” forum where you can post questions or respond to or comment on other peoples’ posts to share ideas, thoughts and suggestions to help each other out. The Members Only area of the website is exclusive to BWA members.

  • Access to the BWA blog which features posts about anything related to woodcarving that might be of interest to other woodcarvers and anyone can contribute. This is always a source of ideas and inspiration.

  • One of the current aims of the BWA is to become the voice of woodcarving in the UK. This will be hard to achieve, but we are making progress, for example through our work on the Offensive Weapons Bill, which is likely to have serious repercussions for all home-based wood carvers. Even BWA members would probably have been unaware of these proposed changes if it were not for the actions of the BWA Council. The BWA thus looks after members' wider interests and has the ability to get members’ voices heard at the most senior levels (in this case the Home Office).

  • A chance to engage in national competitions. Whilst competitions are not everyone’s cup of tea, many members do like the stimulus of entering a competition. Within a Region it is likely that any club competition would always be won by one or two of the best carvers, which would not be particularly motivating for other members. By staging national competitions, the BWA broadens the base for competitions and recognizing the above, has introduced the new-carvers competition, to allow first timers a chance to win.

  • Belonging to a national organisation that deals with changes in legislation that affect every Regional group, a good example of which is the recent GDPR legislation. By joining the BWA you can be confident that this kind of change will not only be known about, but that action will be taken to ensure that all members and Regions comply with such legislation. And such legislation cannot simply be ignored, there are significant penalties for non-compliance and the National Council did the research and thinking to ensure that we all comply. 

So, the BWA offers its members tremendous value for money, with all the benefits of membership listed above.

Membership Downloads
GDPR Form Download

We need you to sign the form which deals with GDPR. It is very important that ALL BWA members sign and return this form, either to your Regional Leader or directly to John Tybjerg. If you have already signed this form, you do not need to do so again.

How to Join

Download the Membership Form, fill it out and send it with a cheque (Please do not send cash) for your annual subscription to the Membership Secretary (the address is on the form). Alternatively, you can contact the Regional Leader (see listings) for the Region most convenient to you and join at a Regional Meeting. Many Regions offer one to three months free trial period and initial tuition.


Whether you have never carved before, are just interested in this ancient art, or are a top professional, you will be made very welcome.

Membership Prices

Full Member - £25 per year

Receives all the benefits of the BWA


Joint Member - £17 per year

Joint Membership is only available to the second (or more) member at an Address and the person will not receive their own copy of the Gazette. At least one person at the Address must be paid up as a Full Member. If applying as a Joint Member please give Name or Membership No. of Full member at your Address

Student Member - £5 per year

Under 21 and in full time education


Junior Member  (under16 years old)  - £5 per year 

Junior members have full rights, except the right to vote at the AGM


The Membership Year runs from 1st June - For new members joining part way through the Membership Period the following rates apply: 

  • Joining during Sept to Nov: £15 Full/£9 Joint

  • Joining during Dec to Feb: £10 Full/£6 Joint

  • Joining during Mar to May: £5/£3 Joint

Overseas Membersip Subscription


To become an Overseas Member of the British Woodcarvers Association, please use the 'Subscribe' button below.

You will receive four copies of The Woodcarvers Gazette each year to your PayPal postal address (so please make sure it is correct).

The annual membership fee is £30, which covers the high postage cost to overseas destinations.  

When you pay with PayPal, it will convert the membership fee into your local currency so you don't need to worry about any conversion yourself.

To cancel your membership to the British Woodcarvers Association, please use the 'Unsubscribe' button below.