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Joining the BWA

What do you get as a member?  

  • The opportunity to join a vibrant local group of like-minded carvers. Regional groups meet regularly and provide an opportunity for learning, exchanging ideas, enjoyable conversation and a time to carve (always difficult to find in our busy lives)

  • The Woodcarvers Gazette is an in-house colour magazine that is delivered to your door 4 times a year. It contains Regional news; interviews with leading carvers; books, DVDs and tool reviews; a gallery of finished works; and advertisements from leading tool suppliers.

  • Opportunities to exhibit your work at Regional and National Exhibitions, and to take part in National competitions.

  • Opportunities to demonstrate at shows and fairs, and to encourage new members to join us, pass your knowledge on to others and to meet the general public.

  • Have Third Party Public Liability Insurance cover at all BWA workshops and all other events when you are participating as a BWA Member.

  • Opportunities to sell your work or unwanted tools via this website, and, if you are a professional carver, the opportunity to promote yourself and reach a wider clientele.

Membership Downloads
GDPR Form Download

We need you to sign the form which deals with GDPR. It is very important that ALL BWA members sign and return this form, either to your Regional Leader or directly to John Tybjerg. If you have already signed this form, you do not need to do so again.

How to Join

Download the Membership Form, fill it out and send it with a cheque (Please do not send cash) for your annual subscription to the Membership Secretary (the address is on the form). Alternatively, you can contact the Regional Leader (see listings) for the Region most convenient to you and join at a Regional Meeting. Many Regions offer one to three months free trial period and initial tuition.


Whether you have never carved before, are just interested in this ancient art, or are a top professional, you will be made very welcome.

Membership Prices

Full Member - £25 per year

Receives all the benefits of the BWA


Joint Member - £17 per year

Joint Membership is only available to the second (or more) member at an Address and the person will not receive their own copy of the Gazette. At least one person at the Address must be paid up as a Full Member. If applying as a Joint Member please give Name or Membership No. of Full member at your Address

Student Member - £5 per year

Under 21 and in full time education


Junior Member  (under16 years old)  - £5 per year 

Junior members have full rights, except the right to vote at the AGM


The Membership Year runs from 1st June - For new members joining part way through the Membership Period the following rates apply: 

  • Joining during Sept to Nov: £15 Full/£9 Joint

  • Joining during Dec to Feb: £10 Full/£6 Joint

  • Joining during Mar to May: £5/£3 Joint

Overseas Membersip Subscription


To become an Overseas Member of the British Woodcarvers Association, please use the 'Subscribe' button below.

You will receive four copies of The Woodcarvers Gazette each year to your PayPal postal address (so please make sure it is correct).

The annual membership fee is £30, which covers the high postage cost to overseas destinations.  

When you pay with PayPal, it will convert the membership fee into your local currency so you don't need to worry about any conversion yourself.

To cancel your membership to the British Woodcarvers Association, please use the 'Unsubscribe' button below.